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[SK E&C] SK E&C holds Company Athletic Tournament 2011-10-10

SK E&C is holding a Company Athletic Tournament for the whole company at the Sports Town in Hwaseong on October 14th for mutual pursuit of goals in order to strengthen community spirit, happiness, and harmony.There will be a total of 4 teams: Happy Team from (Management Support, Domestic Development Team, G/M, Audit, Research, Judicial Affairs); Unity Team from (Plant); Passion Team from (Infra, Domestic Sales); Challenge Team from (Housing Construction).
The Tournament will include team power pep rally, fun sports event, athletic tournament (ball games and relay), and there are also various other events planned such as performance by popular singer Psy, executive talent show, and raffle.

The preliminary application process was completed in success for the Social Community "SUPEX Talent Show" which is to be held at the SK E&C's Company Athletic Tournament.
The preliminary was participated by total of 10 teams and you'll be able to see various talents from the members with singing, dancing, and magic.
50 people will be randomly selected from each department with a total of 200 judges who will judge on artistic quality, creativity, readiness, enthusiasm, and manner.
The final qualifying teams who will provide plenty of entertainment for all the members are planned to be selected at the Social Community SUPEX Talent Show at the Company Athletic Tournament on October 14th.

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