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[SK E&C] SK E&C transports the world's largest Crude Column 2011-10-10

SK E&C, on the past 7th, began the transportation project of the world's largest oil refinery Crude Column which was loaded at Ulsan Port in Korea and headed to Abu Dhabi Port in UAE. This Crude Column is an enormous plant equipment that is as tall as a 36 floor building, and it is scheduled to be installed at the UAE Ruwais oil refinery plant in mid-October, after being transported 11,100 km by sea over a period of 1 month.

This Crude Column is 93.3m tall, weighs 1,261 tons, and has capacity that exceeds 40 thousand barrels, but it is attracting world's attention especially because it is made from "pure Korean technology."
The whole process of the equipment arriving at the Abu Dhabi Port and being installed within the oil refinery plant can also be seen through the Documentary Channel.

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